‘’To be a leader in community development through farming as well a preferred multi media production company in Mpumalanga and other neighboring province.


‘’SKC focuses on farm projects management, skills transfare through mentorship as well as multimedia production.


• Stay relevant and investing in latest technology to deliver par- excellent multi media products. • Engage with government and other stakeholders contributing in the farming industry • Assist farmers to improve their farming entities • Promoting good agricultural practice that sustain the farming business and the environment


Shared knowledge is power

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The deficiencies that exist within the collapse farms such as poor management practices, Skills shortage and dis-functioning of trustee committee, which translate to stakeholder’s communication boundary has led to the establishment of Shared knowledge consulting with the aim of addressing those issues.

In 2010 Shared knowledge consulting was establish by Mr. Zenzele Mavimbela after he realized the importance of sharing farming knowledge especially to black farmers. when he was working as a farm manager at Champagne citrus estate. Shared knowledge consulting director begins to transfer his farming knowledge to agricultural student and graduate at a time he was managing champagne citrus estate.

In November 2014 Shared knowledge consulting was appointed by DARDLEA to provide mentoring service to citrus commodity farmers in all the four district of the Mpumalanga province. The following year (2015) shared expanded its offering by introducing multi media production as a sub-wing.

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