Shared knowledge consulting was established by Mr Zenzele Mavimbela.

    who believed anyone can make beautiful images and tell compelling stories, if they have the right gear and the right team to support them.

    events from a small house party of 30 people to a concert for 30 000 people.

    Our goal with sound is to supply the RIGHT equipment to ensure that everyone can hear and enjoy the event. SOMETIMES MORE IS JUST MORE.

    This is where the fantasy side of events happens.

    With lighting comes power, and we carry an extensive range of power distribution units and cabling so we can run a small party in a garage or run power to light up a stadium .

our services

  • Video shooting

    wedding videographer " photographer.

  • Photography

    Functions and Special Occasions.



  • Lights & Sound hire

    professionally done Lights and sound you deserve.

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